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OTH Enterprises was formed in 1997, with the hope of filling a void in the Mexican Music available for distribution in the United States. Much of the catalog music from the Grupero and Norteño genre that had been big hits in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the early 90’s were being discontinued by the majors (EMI, SONY, BMG, etc.) or were being commercialized only in Mexico, while there was still a demand for this type of music by the mexican population in the States. In the past six years we have dedicated our efforts to make this music available to the public, with acquisitions of different Labels (Fama, Novavox, Yuriko, Remo, etc.), and by signing and promoting groups like Tropical del Bravo, Beto Quintanilla, Los Pasteles Verdes, Pegasso, Renacimiento ’74, Abril ’78, Etc., that have all been important in the success of what is now called Regional Mexican Music, the only genre of Hispanic Music that has consistently grown throughout the years as the Mexican immigrant population grows in the United States.

We are one of the few Independents left in the Music Industry, operating out of our own 10,000 square foot facilities in Houston, Texas, and with a sister company (Frontera Music de Mexico) operating out of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, that both house a state of the art Recording Studio (Dos Sound Factory, 128 Track Digital & 48 Track Analog), two Music Publishers (Dos Sound Music associated with BMI & Sonido Tres with ASCAP), an advanced
Creative Art Department (Dos Digital Graphics) to handle all the CD Covers, advertising, etc., three Record Labels (Frontera Music, Suroeste Discos & Discos EMO) and a superb Distribution System (Border Sound Distributing) to handle the distribution of our Labels, as well as other Independents (Planeta Music, Balsas Records, Fonodiaz, etc.).

Our success has been our commitment to offer the public, music from the heart of Mexico, with groups from the states of San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Durango, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Michoacan, Puebla, etc., bringing them closer to their birthplace no matter how far away they might reside at this particular moment. In our Catalog you will find top selling artists like Los Alegres de Teran, Aniceto Molina, Los Relampagos del Norte, Los
Humildes, Pegasso, Beto Quintanilla, La Luz Roja de San Marcos, Tropical del Bravo, etc., with their original top hits and new recordings, as well as upcoming stars like Shantaje, Caracter Norteño, Planeta Norte, Alma y Zafiro, Indomables de Cedral, L. A. Invasion, etc., that are constantly touring through out the United States and Mexico, playing their music to the delight of millions of music fans for the last 20 years.

Our commitment to excellence is not only to offer the best original music, but also with the best possible quality in sound, graphics, etc., at the lowest possible price. We as a company believe that’s the only way to reach the working class and for our distributors to make a reasonable profit. More than likely our music has been part of your sales in the past as we have licensed part of our recordings to the majors for distribution in the last few years (Max Music, Protel,
WEA Latina, etc).

In the last few months we have signed artists like Los Hermanos Banda de Salamanca, Los Reyes Locos, Mazter (formerly known as Sonido Mazter), Flash, Caracter Norteño (formerly part of Los Traileros del Norte) and Los Kamikazes (formerly part of Los Rehenes), and we are in the process of releasing quite a few more gems of Historia Musical albums, as well as new recordings by these and other top mexican artists in the future.

The last chapter of the History of Mexican Music has not been written, and O T H Enterprises will continue to bring the best recorded music for the enjoyment of generations to come.